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43" Outdoor Digital Battery A-Board Image

43" Outdoor Digital Battery A-Board


43" Outdoor Digital Battery A-Board

Fully Portable
Manufactured from polymer casing, these displays are remarkably lightweight and this, along with their rugged castors, means they can easily be moved by one person. The specialised castors are designed to minimise vibrations, protecting the internal components for a longer product lifespan.

Tempered Anti-Glare Glass
These displays feature a tempered glass front panel with an anti-glare coating. This completely diffuses external light reflections without reducing the brightness of the screen, improving the readability of on-screen content.
Battery-Powered Display
The integrated lithium-polymer battery offers an amazing 27 hours run time from a single charge*, allowing you to display messaging all day and night without needing to recharge. A secure housing safely isolates this commercial grade battery from other components for total peace of mind.
*Excludes degradation and user damage caused by sulphation, deep cycling and overcharging


* Fully Weatherproof

* 700 cd High Brightness

* Secure Locking Bar

* Integrated Media Player


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