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In the Business world it’s even more important to engage with both internal and external teams, in real time.

Titan can help transform your workspace with the use of the latest technology, to provide live video conference meetings and brainstorming both for team members and guests, regardless of their location.

The modern-day interactive touch screens have a host of “in-built applications” that work with all the major VC platforms including “Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Skype”, and provide various tools for collaboration.

The Education Sector is well versed with Interactive White Boards but now these are replaced with Interactive Display Screens. You no longer require a projector, whiteboard and PC, this is all replaced with one large interactive display screen.

The interactive displays come with free apps and software geared towards the curriculum aiding the delivery of engaging lessons. We have leading interactive solutions from class leaders such as Clevertouch.


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