Video Wall Displays

A Video Wall is a very large display screen made up of multiple smaller display screens, using these screens we can create a display to fill almost any space. We build video walls using displays from leading manufacturers, these are available in LCD or LED technology, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Video walls are available in various sizes and brightness, the brightness of a display is measured in Candela Per square Metre, or cd/m2. Depending on your application, most displays are 500 to 700 cd/m2, which is suitable for most internal environments. High brightness models, typically 1,500 cd/m2 and upwards are suited for retail applications where the displays are in installed in shop fronts or bright areas.

Video walls come in various bezel widths and the more expensive models offer “super narrow bezels” with combined bezel width of 4mm. Video wall displays are available in Full HD and Ultra High Resolution


Commercial Displays

Commercial displays range in size from 32” to 98” and are not to be confused with domestic televisions. A commercial display has enhanced control interfaces, can be configured so users cannot accidentally change settings and are guaranteed for use in the workplace, they can also operate up to 24/7 if required.

We supply displays with either LCD or LED technology, in Full HD or Ultra High Resolution.
Popular uses for Commercial Display screens include Digital signage, Wayfinding, Meeting & conference room presentation and Video conferencing.


Interactive Touch

At Titan we believe in helping our clients transform their business operations to facilitate stronger communications, enhanced connectivity and collaboration using interactive technology. Interactive touch displays are available in various sizes and technology.

An interactive display can be a central hub which requires no external PC and even provide wireless presentation for guest devices or BOYD applications.



Projection has come a long way in recent years. Low maintenance, high brightness and ultra-high resolution are now available for any application or environment.

We provide a range of projectors suitable for small meeting spaces to large venues. Utilising the latest in Laser light source projection technology from world class manufactures such as Epson, NEC, projection remains a cost-effective solution to achieving a large-scale image.


Video Conferencing

In the current pandemic it is crucial for business and educational establishments to provide an inclusive working environment for its teams. With more people adapting to Home working, we are reliant on technology to enable the collaborative environment needed for productive meetings.

We are all now all familiar with platforms such as Teams, Zoom, etc and the associated issues with video and sound quality. At Titan we have a range of cross platform hardware solutions to address these issues.
Our VC solutions integrate to your huddle spaces, meeting rooms and large conferencing facilities, offering superior audio and video performance, while providing users with a familiar interface whether at home or in the workplace. We provide Video Conferencing equipment from leading brands including “Apart Biamp, Konftel, to name just a few.


Commercial Audio Systems

We provide audio systems to enhance any environment and to complement your chosen method of display, be that projection, commercial displays or video walls. It is important to have the right audio solution for the environment and size of audience.

We also offer wireless microphones and voice re-enforcement, zoned music for bars and restaurants and public address systems.


Control Systems

Our approach to control systems is simple. Any person walking into a meeting, conference or teaching, space should be able to use the presentation system without additional training.

We offer Touch Screen or Push-Button control panels, both are well designed and intuitive to use, removing the need for multiple hand-held remote controls and reducing support calls to due to user error.


What people are saying…

"It was a significant undertaking in a constrained time window, but the quality of the implementation – together with its modern look - has generated tremendous positive feedback from the entire Nissan team"

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