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Allsee's upgraded "Outdoor Portable Battery A-Board"

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Allsee launches it’s upgraded “Outdoor Battery A-Board” which now includes a new anti-glare glass. The result of this has been game-changing be eliminating external light reflections and without compromising the screens brightness. Further improvements include an upgraded internal Android Media Player and improved compatibility with 3rd party apps.
Allsee has reported a huge uptake in demand for these portable, battery powered devices in-light of the global pandemic. This product is perfect for immediate deployment without the worry of localised power and to covey Covid 19 messages.
Key Features:
-  Full Portability
-  IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure
- 14 hour battery life
- Secure locking bar
Contact Titan for a quote or see our T.E.C section for product brochures and video.


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